Resources for you on your journey:

These books have changed my life, and I hope they can do the same for you. From manifesting to mindfulness to Shamanism, they are meant as helpers, guides, inspiration, and support for the path to claiming a big, bold, beautiful life and work!


Some of my fave books for general self-improvement. The Power of Now was a truly transformative book.

Positive Psychology:

My top pick here is Learned Optimism, from the master in the field of positive psychology.


Don’t let the “ism” scare you – Buddhist concepts can apply to any religious background or creed.

Abundance and Manifesting:

So here’s where things go off of the beaten path and don’t fall into nice straight lines, but these books are accessible and fascinating, both for the straight and narrow group and those of us who like heavy spirituality in our business lives!


And now we’re really outside of the box, however Shamanism isn’t a religion or a set of beliefs. It’s a way of tuning in to your own wisdom and respecting the natural world – no shaman needed!

Sandra Ingerman’s book is still my favorite guide to this world, despite having read many others.


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