Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Started.

You’ve been hearing that call…like a steady drumbeat. Asking you to stop living the way you’ve been living and to step into the authentic you. The you who kicks ass in the “real” world, and is also authentic, real, and helps others in a big way.

Only problem is – you don’t know how to answer the call. You’ve been downloading webinars, listening to lots of stuff…but still, how to fit it all into a plan that makes sense and still feels true for you? There’s so much out craziness out there – SEO, social media, sales funnels, opt-ins, networking, sales calls…

What’s the first step? How do I define what I want to do? And how do I get rid of all of those fears that are telling me I can’t do it?

You're a spiritual ninja in a practical world.

You do things differently. In your life and business.

Which means you want some help around the business side, but in a way that feels good for you and your hectic lifestyle. 

Let’s get you really aligned with your ideal client from a place that is authentic and true, using some bad-ass spiritual methods like guided meditations, EFT (tapping), and Shamanic healing.

Then we’re going to put in place the real world stuff you need to showcase your awesomeness, gain more of your ideal clients, and increase your income. 

Make no mistake, this is soul level stuff. 

We are going to have you feeling super, duper deserving in your business and life.  We’re going to get down beneath all of those patterns, blocks, and fears…and help you to discover how amazing you already are. 

And then we’ll work on the business parts (okay, really, this happens at the same time.)

Ready to finally feel enough

Here’s what you’ll receive in our time together: 

Help with Passive Income or Group Program Creation

12 1:1 Sessions


Removal of Fears and Blocks

Lead (Client) Generation Strategies


Unlimited Email + Voxer Support

Success + Abundance Mindset Tools

Support, Encouragement, and Love for Your Big Dream

Lifetime Access to Mastermind

Clarity Around Your Unique Gifts

Who is this work best suited for?

  • Women and mothers who need help around the big idea
  • Light workers, therapist, healers, spiritualpreneurs who would like to earn more
  • Newbie and aspiring entrepreneurs seeking clarity and confidence

Erin, this sounds cool, but why is this program any different from anything else? Why are you different? 

I’m so glad you asked.

Y’all, I’m a shaman (shamanic practitioner, to be exact).

And just like you didn’t ask for your gifts, I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want to be called to this (believe me – life would have been much simpler without this thing that not too many people understand.)

But there’s no running away from it. Shamanism informs my work. Shamanism, and the other spiritual tools I use and coach with, enliven my life.

What does that mean?

We dig deep, release fears, bring forth all of your gifts, allow for more openness in your business, and help you to heal on a soul level.

Yep, we do some cool business stuff, but my big mission in life is to help all people on this planet to feel a sense of enough-ness in themselves.

And Shamanism is all about empowering you to discover what’s true for you, without the need for a shaman, guru, or priest. It’s empowering. It’s enlivening.

And that’s what I do. I help you to tune into higher realms of consciousness so that your life and business are enlivened and supported.

Here are some of the other tools we might use:

  • Intuitive Questions

  • Guided Meditations

  • Mindfulness

  • Gratitude

  • Thought-Stopping

  • Journaling

  • Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • Ideal Life Exercise (visioning/scripting)

  • Law of Attraction concepts

  • Your own ways to tune in to Source/the Universe/God/Goddess

  • Shamanic Journeying

That’s our work together. That’s why it’s different. (Oh, and I’m also a master at content creation and business cohesion. That’s helpful for you to know, too.)



Her skill, compassion, loving presence, and ability to guide and support me has changed my life.

During each coaching session, Erin creates a safe, warm, and supportive space. Within this space she has helped me to come upon and give a voice to my deepest truths. She has empowered me to not only voice these truths but to shift my life and live from them.  I am eternally grateful!

Brittany Childs

My personal business has grown 80% since implementing my action plans created with Erin.

Erin helped me go inside, past the bullcrap, and find the Bri who works with passion, who creates ideas and makes those ideas an income-generating reality. A Bri who is accountable . Look, Its not easy getting real with yourself. But the financial and personal growth that I’ve experienced makes all that nitty gritty stuff worthwhile.

Brianna Williams

CEO, Websites by Bri

Erin Newman has an ability to pierce through the maze of one’s confusion and morass, cutting to the chafe-getting to the core of what needs to occur for the client.  Through calm focused eyes she is able to see inwards, past the veneer of one’s current perceptual reality, assisting one to gain clarity and a specific plan of action.

Farra Allen

LifeWorks School of Coaching Director

What is my investment?




12 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions 

12 Weeks of Unlimited Email and Voxer support (answered within 24 hours) 

FREE inclusion in any group or mastermind program 

Grow Your whoa.

With this easy and FREE 3 Step Plan.

 (A Spiritual + Practical Approach to Online Lead Generation.)

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