First, a little disclaimer. I first read about the term Zone of Genius in a book called The Big Leap, one of my all-time faves.

And now I’m totally borrowing it.

Here are my questions to help you figure it all out. I suggest journaling on each of them and allowing whatever comes out to just “be” for now – no need to figure out a title or a role yet.

  1. Where am I when I’m doing my best work?
  2. I most enjoy helping others to solve ____ problems.
  3. The worlds most needs me to ______.
  4. The world most needs _______.
  5. If time, money, and my other responsibilities didn’t exist, I would be helping with ______.
  6. If I were to embrace all of my gifts, I would ______.
  7. I was brought here on this earth to ________.

What do you do once you’ve found your Zone of Genius?

Quit your day job. (Just kidding. Kinda’.)

Start taking baby steps to get more of that ZOG into your life. Can you volunteer with an organization that does what you love? Can you shift some projects into the ZOG? Can you align your work flow to be more ZOG-friendly? Can you let go of things that are not in your ZOG?

Total honesty part:

Look, I want to be real here. You already know your zone of genius. You are just frightened of reaching out for it and stepping into it.

How do I know this? Because everyone who comes through my door says they don’t know…but they do. It’s just that we’ve had so many years of conditioning and programming around what we “should” do…what’s going to make money…what you spent 6 years and $140,000 on to study…what your parents thought you should do…what your mentors told you to do…right?

But if you could peer through all of that, what would you want to do, right now, today?

Giving you so much love, space, and encouragement to step into that big, awesome zone. (BAZ!)

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