Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Started.

A mix of the practical and the visionary- a sort of spiritual boot camp to help you get started with truly living your heart’s purpose.

Okay, so you’ve been putting it off… knowing your heart was calling you in a different direction, but somehow, you just haven’t been able to get the pieces in place. 

You really just need someone to kick you in the butt. (With kindness and compassion, of course.) 

The Dream Starter Boot Camp Camp is all of that…and more. 

It’s a one of a kind, magical, 8 module course designed to define your big dream, get your business off of the ground, and give you that confidence you need to take the next steps, even when they seem hard.


Okay, so what will we do?


  • Get really clear on your calling and purpose

  • Learn spiritual tools to own your power and confidence

  • Design your business or career around your heart-centered calling

  • Uncover and remove fears and blocks around money and financial success

  • Create total confidence in order to sell, market, and speak to others about your business

  • Write Your “No Overwhelm” Plan to move you forward

  • Do it all with an amazing support network

The Boot Camp was designed specifically to help with the most common problems behind starting a business. 




I'm overwhelmed by all of the things it takes to get started.


I don't have a background in technology, social media, or design.


Will my new business be able to suppport me, or my family?


How do I do this, when I've got a family, a job, and other obligations?


I'm not even entirely sure what I want to do - there's too much going around in my head.


I just want someone to hold my hand and give me a step by step.


I don't have the confidence to do this.


I've tried lots of stuff before. Nothing seems to work.

I created this training for aspiring entrepreneurs and everyone out there with a dream so that we can answer all of those concerns.

Because I know you can…


We’ll use tools from the worlds of spirituality and positive pscyhology to dig deep and define your heart’s purpose here on Earth, and then uncover the fears that are holding you back from going after it.

In Addition, You’ll Receive:

Customized Bonus Worksheets ($450 value)

Mentorship and Support via the Dream Starters Facebook Group

Money Mastery Techniques ($1000 value)

What people are saying about working with Erin:

The workshop yesterday was AWESOME!

It was exactly what I was looking for, and I think it’ll allow us as a group to have some deeper conversations. The time sorta flew by in the best way.

Lara Smith

Managing Director, Dad's Garage (Improv Comedy Stage)

My personal business has grown 80% since implementing my action plans created with Erin.


Erin helped me go inside, past the bullcrap, and find the Bri who works with passion, who creates ideas and makes those ideas an income-generating reality. A Bri who is accountable.

Look, Its not easy getting real with yourself. But the financial and personal growth that I’ve experienced makes all that nitty gritty stuff worthwhile. And I can’t wait to see where I’ll go next!

Bri Williams

CEO, Websites by Bri

MODULE ONE: Success on Your Terms

  • Defining your big dream

  • Aligning your purpose with your business or career

  • Where do you uniquely add value?

  • What do you truly most want?

  • Creating your unique daily process for success

  • How to serve others with truth, love, and integrity


MODULE TWO: Overcoming Fear and Creating Confidence

  • Erin’s unique HARL process to let go of fear

  • Tapping into the deeper, subconscious fears

  • How to release and work through fears in the moment

MODULE THREE: Creating Wild Success With Inspired Action

  • How to start before you’re ready

  • The List of Ten

  • Questions for inspired action

MODULE FOUR: Money Mastery Techniques

  • 3 secrets to overcoming  your subconscious money blocks and fears

  • The energetics of money

  • How to create success on all levels  and manifest more

MODULE FIVE: How to Find Your Ideal Client

  • How to speak authentically to your audience

  • Tuning in to your ideal client’s energy

  • What outcome do you want for your client?

  • What will appeal most to your client?

MODULE SIX: Sales and Networking

  • 4 secrets to authentic networking

  • How to remove networking and sales fears

  • “Allowing” techniques

MODULE SEVEN: The Interwebs – Putting it all out there 

  • Where do you find your audience

  • How to share your message

  • Overcoming fears about expressing your voice and message

  • The best socia media for you and your brand

MODULE EIGHT: Making it all a reality 

  • How to keep going, despite overwhelm, obligations, and others’ needs

  • Creating a plan to keep going and make your business a reality

  • How to check in with your heart on a regular basis



  • You’ve been wanting to start a business, but feeling overwhelmed by first steps
  • You’ve been dreaming of something but aren’t sure how to go about it
  • You are ready to take things to the next level, no excuses!
  • You’re a student of spiritual and positive psychology tools and know that they can help to take you to the next level and wonder how that fits in with your business
  • You are ready to claim your big, bold, beautiful life and work! 

With Erin’s coaching, I went from not being willing to take the initial steps in my business to now having several customers.

She helped me face my hesitations and resistance of talking action towards starting a business.  She is very accustomed to working with people starting their own business, and the excuses & resistance we have to make that change.  I’m not aware of anybody else that knows how to help someone else face the resistance (fear & excuses) of starting a business (or similar change) we all have.

Joey Jensen

Software Consultant

My sessions with Erin have opened up my heart to see what truly brings me Joy.


Her unique ability to ask questions that reveal the purpose for the journey we are all here to fulfill. She has a gift of supporting the emergence of the soul, which is where true happiness lies.


As a result of the time spent with Erin she has allowed me to see that the Journey toward the Work can be fun.  Her sensitivity, humor and gift of intuition have enabled me to step out in faith on a new trail on a mountain that looked too steep.

Dara Z.

What is my investment?




12 90 Minute 1:1 Sessions 

12 Weeks of Unlimited Email and Voxer support (answered within 24 hours) 

FREE inclusion in any group or mastermind program 



I feel so scattered and overwhelmed. How will this even help me?

Scattered and overwhelmed is an awesome place to be! It means you’re starting to look at your options and are exploring, which is exactly the woman who needs this boot camp.

The modules are designed to plan work around you and your hectic schedule, clarifying and defining exactly what you need to be doing – not a one-size fits all business model!

Build that dream business, baby!

I’ve tried so many things before. How is this any different?

First, give yourself a big, warm hug – we are all students on this path, and trying many things is part of the process.

Second, know that this Boot Camp is different and set up specifically to help with the overwhelmed! You’re going to formulate a plan that makes sense for you, as well as dig deep into those fears that might be masquerading as that feeling.

Third, this program is designed to have you come upon answers and guidance for you – you are in charge of where you want to go. We are working with you, not on some sort of narrowly defined schedule set up by anyone else.

Fourth – if you join the Dream Starters Community on Facebook, you’ll have the support of all of the amazing women there, cheering you on, as well as support from Erin.

Am I expected to quit my job?

Nope! The workshop is designed to work with you and your schedule; there are no rigid rules or expecations at all! One of the largest components will be working on scheduling in building a business around your “normal” life, job and all.

What if I'm already up and running?

Awesome! The heart-based visioning techniques we’ll be using are designed to propel your business forward, no matter where you are. And the course is designed both for women who are at the very beginning of the questioning and designing of a business as well as the more advanced.  Most importantly, though, we’re doing deep work of removing fears of getting to the next level – and that’s something everyone can use, no matter where they are!

I don't know if I can afford this?

There is immense power in committing to ourselves and our dreams, and in our world, we do this in the energy form of money. Giving this gift to yourself allows for things to unfold in a way that is unforseen and unknowable; it’s opening up the Law of Attraction to bring more of everything amazing in to your life.

Have you sometimes paid $45 for something, and then done nothing with that information (webinar/book/etc.). I don’t want that for you! I want you to be wildly successful in your heart-centered business!!

What are the logistics?

This is a self-study course. As soon as you submit your payment, you’ll receive an email with log-in details to a site where you’ll have life-time access to all 8 modules, worksheets, and bonus materials. I do recommend you spend one week on each module, but that’s entirely up to you!

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t completely satisfied with this amazing program, 100% of your money will be refunded to you, as long as you can show that you completed the worksheets. Where else do you get that kind of guarantee?

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