Become an Abundance Bad-ass.

Create a new money story, manifest more income, and finally feel totally abundant in your life and business.

Abundant Babes Club is for women entrepreneurs who know there is more out there:

  • Who have already watched the Secret and listened to Abraham Hicks, but aren’t sure how to make it work for them.

  • Who know there’s something holding them back from that next level of income (whether that be $3,000 per month or $30,000 per month).

  • Who want to feel abundant in all aspects of their life and business- no more worrying about bills, expenses, or the future.

It’s time for a new way of living. Of being you.

This is Abundance Level Living. (And aren’t you ready for that, Abundance Babe?)

A way that honors all of you – by working through old stories that no longer apply. Stories like:

  • Rich people suck.

  • The wealthy are different.

  • I don’t have the right background/experience/qualifications to earn more.

  • My family has never been rich.

  • It’s hard to make money.

  • I would have to be a different person in order to earn big money.

You know all of those stories. Maybe you have some others, too.

Make no mistake…working with money is truly sacred work.

This work will bring up all of those fears of not being enough, of not deserving, of not being “allowed” to be BIG in the world.

The Abundant Babes Club is here to help you break through those old stories, using all of the latest scientific research and one specific tools that creates dissolves old blocks and creates a new story of possibility and abundance.

  • We’ll literally retrain your brain to think differently about money.

  • We’ll tune into the energy of money so that it comes with ease and joy.

  • We’ll access your divine intuition about what you need to do in order to bring forth MORE.

And then, we’ll take the actions that bring in more income for you, without overwhelm, fear, or frustration.  (It’s all about what works for you and your business, not anyone else’s.)

Okay, but why is this different?


  1. It’s only for service-based women entrepreneurs looking to manifest six figure income.
  2. PRACTICAL STUFF: We’re using EFT to get through those tough blocks and fears. EFT has been researched and researched (over 100 studies in peer-reviewed journals) for its efficacy in helping anxiety, depression, pain, trauma…and oh, yeah, it’s the secret weapon of the big dogs in the entrepreneur world for creating a wealth mindset. We’re using journaling to help you uncover your own subconscious fears and blocks (and then we remove them with EFT).
  3. SPIRITUAL STUFF: We’re tuning into your divine wisdom through meditations and then allowing the universe to support you.

What will I receive?

Bi-Monthly Live Video Chats

Support + Mastermind Accountability with Secret FB group


5 Step System for Manifesting More Now!

1:1 Coaching via Hot Seat


Money Tree Form

Breakthrough Tools for Removing old blocks and stories

Normally this is the point where you get hit over the head with sales-y stuff about how awesome this program is going to be.


I’m not going to do that. Because I took away any risk with that whole $1 for the first month part.

That makes is easy for you to jump in and see for yourself how freaking awesome this is going to be: (okay, so I do have to tell you)

  • a freaking amazing coach on hand to truly help you to manifest six figures in your biz.
  • a manifesting mastermind
  • 1:1 coaching via the hotseat
  • busting through blocks with the Emotional Freedom Technique
  • meditations to tune into abundance and the energy of money
  • journaling prompts to help you to bust through money blocks

Action, Accountability, Abundance.

Let’s do it.

What is my (super crazy small) investment?


Only $1 for the first month. (Yes, seriously.)

$27 each month after.

Cancel anytime.


Grow Your whoa.

With this easy and FREE 3 Step Plan.

 (A Spiritual + Practical Approach to Online Lead Generation.)

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