You guys might already know this about me, but I’m not an extrovert. My energy is drained from big parties and hanging out with lots of people.

But every week, I am out there on social media: blogging, Facebook live-ing, and posting on social media (well, really, just Facebook.)

Turns out, I love to talk about my passions: mindset, spirituality, and marketing with authenticity. And I never run out of stuff to say.

When people are just getting started, though, they worry that they don’t have anything to say. How can I possibly come up with enough content for a blog or for Facebook lives?

Is Digital Marketing really necessary?

No, you don’t have to be out there on the internet. If that’s not your thing, if you don’t feel called to move your business forward in that way, then don’t.

But if you know that you are leaving behind a significant area of growth for your business by not being out there on social media and the Interwebs, then you’re probably going to have to look into why you haven’t gotten started yet.

Have you been saying things like…

  • Another week went by without me doing anything about this
  • I just don’t know if this is the right path (and therefore, why spend time on it)
  • I get distracted (remember that couch monster?)
  • I don’t know how to get started
  • I don’t know where the time went

The truth is – we are masters of our time. We don’t forget to go to the bathroom or to shower. Those things (pretty much) always happen.

So if we really wanted this to happen, it would.

Which means that there is some reason – probably subconscious – as to why we are holding ourselves back from the things we’ve deemed to be important.

And those reasons are probably fears. And if you tune in and listen to them, they might sound like this:

  • Everyone else has already said this
  • I’m not saying anything new
  • I put stuff out there and all I hear are crickets (no comments, no shares, no likes!)
  • I don’t know how to write (or do a Facebook live, or Facebook post)
  • My marketing isn’t that great. My website isn’t awesome yet. I need to wait until I have all of the design pieces all together.
  • I’m just not ready
  • I’m waiting for _____ to get started
  • It won’t be perfect
  • If I say this, people might disagree with me
  • I don’t have enough experience to say this

I hear you. Really. The reason I can list these fears so easily is because there are days when I have to work through every single one of those before I can get started.

But the more I do this thing, the more I put out my authentic truth, the less I care about what other people think. The less I care that I just posted one of my most awesome Facebook lives ever, one in which I got very personal and very honest, and it had…wait for it…9 views.

Because it’s not about the numbers:

This morning I had one of those thoughts like this: maybe you should just give up and go back to corporate America. Way easier.

(Which was immediately followed by a “no fucking way” thought).

It is easier to not have to put yourself out there in a big way. And I soooo understand that posting/blogging/sharing is not just sharing some information, but also sharing you, and so if people reject that, aren’t they also rejecting you?

Fuck ‘em, people.


(And then send them some love, because everyone is entitled to their own point of view, and we love them, too.)

If you are on this magical path to entrepreneurship and awesomeness and living your best life ever…then there are absolutely going to be people along the way who don’t agree with you. There are going to be people who don’t love what you wrote. Even people close to you. (Hint: there’s a nice little unsubscribe button for them.)

That is going to happen. Abso-fucking-lutely.

But we, as conscious entrepreneurs, HAVE TO get out there and say “this is me. This is who I am.” Over and over and over again.

And we have to say “I love me, no matter who else does. I love this authentic self, just as I am.”

It is the only way forward.

Still don’t know who that authentic self is?

And if you are still wondering who you are, come sign up for this amazing summit next week. It’s the only way you’ll get the video of me asking: Who the F are You, And How Do You Communicate that With Confidence? PLUS so many awesome presenters talking about all facets of being an entrepreneur, from Facebook to outsourcing. 10 short videos sent directly to you – easy, peasy.

And now, if you are wondering how I actually come up with new stuff to say every week, here’s what I do.

Three questions you can ask to generate new content:

  • What’s coming up for me or my clients?
  • What feels important to say right now, today?
  • What is true and honest and real?

(Of course, then you have to work through those fears and actually get it out there!)


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