Get Clear. Get Confident. Get Started.

Gain Clarity:

Know exactly what you want to do and how to tell others about it.  

Get Confident & Overcome Fears:

Gain the confidence you need to break out of the gray box of other people’s expectations.

Overcome obstacles and fears that might be holding you back from abundance and success. 

Get Started!

Know your next steps and get started with confidence and ease! 

What do you most need support with?

Starting a heart-centered business with confidence.


Defining my passion and purpose.


Gaining the authentic courage to move forward.

Incorporating spirituality and heart into my work.

Are you an aspiring heart-based entrepreneur or visionary?

You have a big mission. And a big heart.


But it still seems overwhelming. Hard. Confusing. How do you know what you “should” be doing?


Let me give you a big, big electronic hug.


Because together we can define your unique purpose, build your confidence, and help you to release the fears around taking that next big step.


It’s time, my dear, to shine. To soar. To find your purpose and go after it with total confidence and authenticity. (Using some kick-ass spiritual + practical tools.)

Success Stories

Working with Erin is beyond therapy.

It’s not how you got there, but more of “where do I go from here?” I came to Erin because I was trying to figure out what’s next for me. It started off as help for my career, but I quickly realized I couldn’t separate the personal from the professional in this type of work. It’s all intermingled.


Branding Consultant

Erin helped me clarify my vision and make it feel more real and more achievable.

Erin is a skillful and perceptive coach.  Sometimes you need a little push to get unstuck!


Intuitive Eating Coach and Graphic Facilitator

My personal business has grown 80% since implementing my action plans created with Erin.

Erin helped me go inside, past the bullcrap, and find the Bri who works with passion, who creates ideas and makes those ideas an income-generating reality. A Bri who is accountable . Look, Its not easy getting real with yourself. But the financial and personal growth that I’ve experienced makes all that nitty gritty stuff worthwhile.

Brianna Williams

CEO, Websites by Bri

What’s included in the free Dream Definer Session?


  • Clarity around your mission and purpose
  • 2-3 strategies that you can implement right now, today
  • Step into more confidence and joy
  • Learn to operate from your heart (not your mind) in your business
  • Start living from a place of uniqueness, instead of responding to others’ demands

Note: I only take on clients who are fully committed to doing the tough work of listening to your heart and following through. Our free session together will be all about you and finding the clarity you need.

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About Erin…

I believe that each person already knows the answers within, and can find these answers by asking the right questions and listening deeply. In my practice with clients, I use a combination of guided visualizations and insight to help each of my clients discover what may be holding them back from stepping into their calling and purpose.

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