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Hi there! I’m Erin Newman, spiritual business coach and author.

And I know you’ve been hearing some of those crazy messages about what it takes to be succesful in the entrepreneur world (what does that word even mean, anyway??)

That’s not what we’re about here.

I’m here to help you create a plan for your business that celebrates all of the awesomeness of you, with so much love and compassion for wherever you are on the journey. 

No shaming. No pushing. (Because…uh, yuck?!)

Just tuning in to you and your heart’s messages in order to create and grow a business that you love, you know, that one that serves others ina big way. 

We’ll get it all done: the really cool stuff like launches, blogging, passive income, lead magnets, and social media. But all from the place of “who am I, and how do I want to serve my ideal peeps in a way that fulfills me on all levels?”

With a mixture of guided meditations, Shamanic healing work, as well as the practical stuff like business strategies and marketing support, you can define your version of success and then go after it.

Because you deserve it all – love, light, and happiness in your business and life. 

Let’s do this, my spiritual ninja peeps.

It’s going to get deep. It’s going to get real.


But you’ve got this.

Using a mixture of practical business strategies, positive psychology, and spiritual bad-ass-ery, we will:

Overcome Fears Around : 

  • Social Media
  • Marketing + Sales
  • Networking
  • Technology + Systems
  • Blogging + Newsletters
  • Passive Income Streams
  • Launches

Increase Your Confidence:

  • Value Your Products + Services at a premium
  • Speak Your Truth in Your Business
  • Increase Prices
  • Create high-ticket offers
  • Act with Integrity and Courage



Obtain Clarity:

  • Align Your Business Strategy with Your Heart
  • Learn Authentic Messaging + Marketing
  • Find (or Redesign) Your Ideal Client Avatar
  • Create a Cohesive Platform for Multiple Income Streams


Success Stories

My clients do truly amazing stuff. (And yeah, it’s possible for you, too.)

Working with Erin is beyond therapy.

It’s not how you got there, but more of “where do I go from here?” I came to Erin because I was trying to figure out what’s next for me. It started off as help for my career, but I quickly realized I couldn’t separate the personal from the professional in this type of work. It’s all intermingled.


Branding Consultant

Erin helped me clarify my vision and make it feel more real and more achievable.

Erin is a skillful and perceptive coach.  Sometimes you need a little push to get unstuck!


Intuitive Eating Coach and Graphic Facilitator

My personal business has grown 80% since implementing my action plans created with Erin.

Erin helped me go inside, past the bullcrap, and find the Bri who works with passion, who creates ideas and makes those ideas an income-generating reality. A Bri who is accountable . Look, Its not easy getting real with yourself. But the financial and personal growth that I've experienced makes all that nitty gritty stuff worthwhile.

Brianna Williams

CEO, Websites by Bri

Some Recent Posts:

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Two ways to connect with me:

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  • Your big dreams
  • Your ideal client
  • 1-2 Action Areas for getting started

*If I do believe I can help you and we both believe you would be a fit for my coaching, I will spend approx. 5 minutes to discuss my coaching programs.

Would love to hear from you! Come find me!

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